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Megha Sequeira


noun: a person who writes or narrates the unique story of a particular place or thing


noun: a writer or author, esp. a journalist


noun: a person who takes pleasure in, relishes food

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A strong English student and an absolutely atrocious math student, I exited high school with a love for reading, writing and the Travel and Living Channel. University was a terrifying thought because unlike my friends who wanted to be lawyers and doctors, I had no such plan. 

It was only one night, when a family friend said, completely non-sequitorially that he saw me as a journalist, did I consider the path. And well, he was right. 

After some years juggling day jobs and working as a feature writer for a now defunct newspaper, writing about food and culture, I pursued writing full time, becoming a publicist, and a freelance writer on the side. Along with my pottery, I'd like to make food and travel writing my full time job, so if you have a story to tell, let me tell it! 

I have been facinated with food and food history from a young age. Growing up in a ethnographically specific home in a foreign country, I saw the world through the international foods around me. 

From fast breaking at ramadan to large Indian weddings to impromptu parties at campgrounds in Italy, I experienced the world primarily through food and its ability to bring people together, regardless of race, religion or creed. 

I write about food and travel from the perspective of a young, minority, immigrant woman and the unique way I experience it plays heavily into my writing. 

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