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Hey there Stranger! 


I'm glad you're here. This blog, in truth, has been long in the making. It has gone through different phases; peaks and valleys which imitate the life of the writer behind it. 

Who am I? I'm Megha. Meg really. I'm a food fanatic, a potter, an immigrant and a fierce arguer against injustice, in all its forms. I'm motivated by a changing world and though I grew up many worlds away from where I currently am in the pacific north west, I am encouraged to see the world make more space for people who look like me and who are driven by the same things - justice and accountability. 

I'd love to be able to connect with you over weekly newsletters and blog posts and I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter below. Thank you for being here - for wanting to grow with me as I explore the intersectional world of food and politics. 

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